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An exhibition of Sculpture and Illustration held at the prestigious
Woolloongabba Art Gallery (Gallery 5) June 25th- 29th.


The Woolloongabba Art Gallery is open to the public from 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Friday and Saturday 10am - 3pm.

The 'Foundation Stone'

A limited series of 25 illuminated resin-cast sculptures hand-crafted by Leah Fehres will be on display and available for purchase during the exhibition. Cast by hand in durable two-part epoxy resin from an original hand-sculpted master design, each one is a completely original and one-off work of art.

The resin sculpture component of each of these artefacts of illumination represent the physical body with the light inside representing the soul. The range of colours available in the Foundation Stone series signifies that despite the innumerable differences which make each of us as humans individually unique and beautiful, the same light of consciousness burns the same within us all.

Pink Stone.png
'Teeth' Print.jpg

Print Series

A limited series of signed prints by Leah Fehres will be available. These are digital renderings of original pencil illustrations in A5, A4 and A3 size, the content of which plays an integral part of the Foundations story and theme.

Pre-orders available soon.

This is me.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I express myself through a range of media including sculpture, resin, drawing, digital design, writing, spiritual philosophy, singing, musical composition and recording. I have been active in a range of projects since early adulthood, most of these being musical projects with which I have toured the world.

A persistent theme throughout my life has been the unending search of what it means to be human, in particular, through an attempted understanding of the transmigration of the soul. Over this decades-long process of discovery and self-inquiry, I have employed the use of many tools and resources including meditation and martial arts, the study of anatomy, Western health sciences and acupuncture, an extensive array of psychedelic experiences as well as a range of esoteric spiritual practices. Throughout my personal experiences of this journey so far, I have sought to find commonalities that were congruent to a single theme that defined the human experience.

Since the birth of my daughter in 2021 and then transitioning from male to transgender female in 2022, the continuation of my journey through the expression of various artistic media has led me to a single word - unity. And so now, through my art, I wish to inspire a move towards unity through expressions of the beauty of human diversity.

Join me for the ride...

20240507_085015 (1).jpg

"The enduring message of my work is to inspire a move towards unity through the beauty of human diversity."

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